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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Air Force rescue

Air Force rescues fisherman at sea for a week

Last updated 11:26 07/03/2012

Is this the luckiest man in the world today?

The i-Kiribati fisherman has been missing at sea for around a week in one of the loneliest parts of the South Pacific, far from shipping lanes.

Yesterday a New Zealand Air Force P3 Orion began searching for him and his three-metre boat.

He had been last seen west of lonely Banaba Island, part of Kiribati, within the local fishing ground.

When located, the fisherman was standing up and waving at the Orion crew.

The boat, with a single outboard, had drifted 100 kilometres from the fishing ground.

The RNZAF was able to drop supplies, including food, water and a radio, to the man. They then located and provided guidance to a nearby fishing vessel to enable it to divert to locate the survivor.

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