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Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Proposed new phone - New details emerge on the Samsung Galaxy SIII | Daily Mobile

New details emerge on the Samsung Galaxy SIII

While the all world of Android fans wait for the official release of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, new details emerge based on rumors and leaks from, what so called, trusted sources. Today, BRG announced some interesting specs of this super-phone.

According to BRG’s sources, the new SGS3 will feature a hoping 4.8″ display that most likely will have a 720p HD resolution, even if they don’t have confirmation on this. The most interesting part is the choice of the materials for the back of the phone. SGS2 has been considered by the majority of the community as the best phone in terms of hardware but that didn’t saved him from several critics because of the use of plastic. BRG’s site is advancing that the new SGS3 will have a ceramic back which is an interesting choice by Samsung.

Other features expected are the Quad-Core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, good quality cameras and 4G LTE, as already been advanced before by most of the sites.

We will have to wait a bit more to see the official announcement of this phone and, if you were waiting to get some news from the Mobile World Congress 2012, we’re sorry to let you know that Samsung already advanced that SGS3 will not be presented at Barcelona and will be released on a dedicated event to be host later.


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