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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A cancer check and an all clear

Well, I had had a few concerns about a couple of moles which had gone dark and one had grown a bit so Mei panics. Talks to a friend and she has a friend who is a skin disease specialist. Today, had an afternoon off and they cart me off to Angong Hospital, it is owned and run by the local steelworks and is one of about 4 they have here in Anshan.
Went to see Alina's friend and I get pushed to the front of the queue, kind of embarrassing really. Anyway, he has a look and advises removal and to test for cancer. I ask,'when'. He says now if you want, so he takes me off to the theatre and with just one nurse carries out an almost painless couple of small operations. He was very careful.
He showed me the carved out moles which did not look wonderful, cleaned me up, told me , no shower for 5 days and no beer.
Off we went and delivered the moles to the lab and then home.
Now we wait and see if we get an all clear.
I had one done once before, in Auckland, it was very funny actually as after the Doctor had finished, he asked the nurse to clean me up and he left. Well, the nurse started, saw some blood and promptly fainted, I got off the bed and helped her up and she said she would be OK. I got back on the bed and she started to clean me up again and then she fainted again. I was a little surprised so I got off the bed again. lifted her onto the bed and called the Doctor. It was a bit ironical that I was the patient and there I was looking after the nurse who was now lying on the bed.
The operation today reminded me of this event and I managed to tell some of the other nurses the story which created plenty of laughter.

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