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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Been off to the Doctor

Had a bit of a sniffle for some time and have not been allowed out till it got better, well this morning I am still sniffing so Doctor Mei takes me off to the Central Hospital so someone can take a look.

Started with an aah! and a stick poked down the throat and blood pressure, then off for about 4 jars of blood to be extracted for various tests including prostate, then it is the ear nose and throat doctor who pokes up me snorer and in my gob for another look and tells Mei that I have some kind of allergy so he prescribes some nasal sprays and tells me to return in a few days for another peering into the nose and mouth.

Then we go to another department which turns out to be an ulrascan of vital organs including prostate again and all clear and picked up a new student to come and learn English with me. (The doctors daughter) She announced that some part of me in my nether regions was bigger than Chinese men to which Mei and Doctor both giggled, not sure why.

I return to the original doctor with test results and am pronounced very healthy, no worries and no problems.

Return home to have breakfast of bacon, sausages and eggs, toast and tea and another day off, after the nasal spay has been administered.

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