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Monday, September 19, 2011

World Cup Rugby on the internet - how to watch

 No live rugby here in China so I hunted around and found Sky TV in Italy which take the feed from Sky TV in New Zealand and then it is sponsored to sub channels which are covered in ads. Some broadcasts are in English,some French or Italian but the pictures are great.
When you click on a game in the link - Click here it will open a new page and then click on link1 and just wait until it opens, do not click on any ads otherwise you will have all kinds of pop ups, eventually the game will appear and then you can click full screen and watch. If it doesn't work on link 1 go to 2 and so until you find one that suits. It is a bit of messing around but it works  great but be patient because each link goes through the ads before the game starts. Once you have a channel that suits and click full screen you will not see any ads during the game.
If you do not have any joy with the above link click on this one and then click rugby and then choose the game you want, also has league and many other sports, it is great for us living over here.
Hope you follow this or give a call on Skype or email, there is a game tomorrow from my hometown, Nelson. Hope it works for you.

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