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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well, she did ask me to paint the fence before Rugby World Cup - National - NZ Herald News

When Ian Broderson's wife told him to paint the fence before the Rugby World Cup started, she got what she wished for - and then some.

A flurry of flag hunting and a day's worth of painting later, Mr Broderson and his son Shane spruced up their house and fence to the delight of passing rugby fans in Wanganui.

"It came about when my wife kept whingeing about me not painting the fence," said Mr Broderson, a meat boner. They got all the flags they could from local shops and when some, like Namibia's, proved difficult to get their hands on, they painted the rest.

Although Rosalie Broderson herself was not available for comment, her husband was adamant she loved it.

The Brodersons' front lawn bore a special greeting for the American team staying in Wanganui, and the family were delighted when locals at the airport tipped off the players, who drove by to cheer from the tour bus.

Mr Broderson said they would dismantle their shrine reluctantly at the end of the cup - unless New Zealand win, in which case they will paint it black: "I'm going to paint 'finally' across the fence." The missus will be delighted.

- Tania Shadwell

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