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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six years in China and still cannot speak much Chinese

I know that many Kiwi's move to Australia and seem to speak fluent Australian after a few weeks, maybe Chinese is not so easy or I am not that gifted to become muli-lingual.

I arrived in China just before midnight 6 years ago and had my first class the next day. I had 300 Yuan and a job to go to and Mei to look after me. All worked out fine.

Coincidentally, my first boss, a friend of Mei's from childhood days, rang and asked Mei and I out for dinner last night which just happened to be the anniversary of my arrival. She picked us up and took us to this upmarket Chinese restaurant which looked very nice but decided that I should have a western style meal so off we go to a hotel and have a steak, very good though.

I am enjoying the rugby very much and feel very lucky to be able to watch all the games free through Sky TV in Italy, they are streamed on the internet, not always in English but the video quality is excellent, I can listen to NZ's Radio Sport for commentary if I want to.

It has turned cool very quickly, down to 2c last night but mid 20's during the day, the ice age is approaching.

Have a good week everybody.

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