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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Had a haircut

A few weeks ago had to use a new barber as mine had closed down and the shop was being renovated, anyway, this morning decided it was time to have a trim and went off to the hairdresser.
Well, the old shop was now a new one and very smart too, gone was the old vinyl flooring an new tiles, gone were the old character packed chairs and new ones were in, gone was the hair washing chair which was certainly old and had a wobbly step to get onto it but did the job and new ones had appeared. The old lights and mirrors had gone, the shelving had gone and now my old barbers shop was a modern hairdressers with much more space.
To start, had to get the hair washed, twice, by the delightful, pretty young woman, she laid me down in the new chair and started to wash my locks, I thought that something was wrong and then realised that the washing chair was also giving me a massage.
At least my regular barber was there and gave me the normal treatment and I came out a new man.
So, it was out with the old and in with the new and a big price increase from ten to fifteen Yuan which means that after paying NZ$2.00 for several years I now need to pay NZ$3.00, a big increase actually.

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