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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Maurice in Australia


I am watching the world cup on Sky TV from Italy complete with Italian commentary, that does not bother me to much as the pictures are perfect.

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Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 17:00
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Hello John & Mei,
How are you both and thanks for all your updates and interesting posts. I liked the one where you experienced the local & traditional food! The picture of the gentleman humping the fridge in the stairwell says a lot about the can-do and will-do ethic of modern China. (Do that with an Aussie worker and you will be facing everything from a damages claim to a lecture from the OH&S authorities!)
The world Rugby cup, any coverage on your local TV. I understand that many NZers are understandably annoyed because their national game is only on Paaaay TV.
Back to the "50s", yes life was great for us kids before the "Nanny State" took over. Will attach a picture of a house we owned here in Oz for about 7 years, totally original 1920s farm cottage. First thing I did was install hot water and an inside loo. Otherwise we kept it pretty well original including the wood range in the kitchen that had to be accessed via the back verandah. (We eventually build a new house in town)
Hope you are both keeping well, lovely clear spring day here in Sydney, hopefully this tears seemingly unending winter is now behind us.
Al the best

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