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Thursday, August 18, 2011

We are going to Qingdao for a short holiday.

I have wanted to visit Qingdao since I arrived here in China.
It has an interesting history, the Germans sailed in and built a walled city and faced their guns out to sea and felt very safe as China conceded the area to the Germans.
Later the Japanese also wanted the port city but could not get in because of the guns pointing out to sea so they came around the back and attacked from behind and the Germans were gone.It is famous for Tsingdao beer which was originally made by the Germans in the old brewery which is still standing and is now a museum.
There is a lot of European style architecture still there as well as a very modern city.
It was also where the sailing events were held during the Beijing Olympics.
The bay is now crossed by the longest sea bridge in the world.
Looking forward to a short holiday.

Have a look at some more info - click here or   click here for Wikipedia

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