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Friday, August 26, 2011

Leave Dalian and off to Qingdao

Arrived at Dalian Airport and found that our plane had been delayed so they arranged for another plane to stop over in Qingdao on its way to Chongqing. An Air West plane and they treated us very well, the flight is only 45 minutes but they served up a hot meal for us.
While waiting for our flight a young guy came up and asked where I was from (very common here), told him and I asked where he was from and it so happened that he lived very close to our apartment but he had been in Canada for 8 years and actually was a Canadian citizen abd he was of to Qingdao to visit his girlfriend. His family own a chain of bakeries in Anshan.

Mei enters Dalian Airport (Dalian Population just over 6 million)


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