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Thursday, August 11, 2011

[johnandmei] Some Old Farm Photos


Some Old Farm Photos

Posted by johnandmei

From Maurice Boyce in Sydney ( a former classmate from Spring Grove School in Nelson, New Zealand) - I must say that the Tutaki was pretty hard farming country, Maurice but really enjoyed the photos, particularly the haymaking, took me back a day or two actually.
Hello John & Mei,
Thank you again for all the interesting posts you send me. The Chinese aircraft carrier looks impressive, amazing what the "Can Do" spirit can produce and this certainly applies to modern China. The post on the "Long John" fast food concept in NZ is also interesting. Every time I go back to NZ I am both frustrated and disappointed by the quality  of casual food. I will never go to KFC or McDs and anything else just does not seem to exist. I think last time I stayed at a country motel there I ended up having a pizza as being least worst, and the lady that ran the place very kindly made me some (homemade) jam sandwiches for a cut lunch. (Only in NZ!)
I see NZ retained the Bledisloe Cup!
In a previous e-mail you asked me about our farm in the Murchison area. I have dug out a couple of old 35mms which I will attach. The farm was sold about 1968, abandoned and just used as a grazing run by a neighbour. It broke my heart, but the grim reality was that it would never pay its way and I would never have been able to be a farmer even if part of it had ever come my way.
Hope you are both keeping well, how is the rooftop garden going! We are OK, very difficult with some of Ruths problems, full time job +++. Always nice to hear from you.
Maurice Boyce

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